Letter from our Executive Director & Founder



I have always felt that Angels of Light began with a genuine innocence over 15 years ago. It was November, right before the holidays, we were watching a 13 year old young girl, going through treatment, with no hair, playing CYO basketball with her peers and many spectators, our hearts were imprinted forever with her courage and strength. With a very busy schedule and 6 children of our own, we couldn't imagine how difficult, emotionally and physically it would be, if one of our children was diagnosed with brain cancer. 

We asked her mom if we could have the wish list of all her children and our family would shop, wrap and deliver all the gifts to them on Christmas Eve. Therefore, their family could spend more quality time together and we would take out the stress and burden that the holiday season can sometimes bring. The following year we had more families. This continued for several years until we had so many families we had to reach out to our community for help. Finally, in April of 2016, we became an official 501c3 non profit local charity. We have delivered over 5,000 gifts to over 1,000 children living  in the Hudson Valley. If there is a child or caregiver with a life threatening illness, we purchase gifts for every child living in the household during the holiday season for Christmas, Hanukah or any other holiday celebrated.

We have an amazing Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers, who serve along with our business partners, to make sure our mission is successful every year. Some of our resources are Ronald McDonald House, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital Pediatric Unit,  Sparrow’s Nest, Colton’s XXXtradorinarY Cause, local schools and many other local charities. 

This past year has been very challenging for all of us. Imagine also having your child diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

This past holiday season awakened my heart to a greater need to our Angels of Light families. I recognized we had to expand our mission, to not only holiday giving, but also throughout the year to  help families with basic needs such as food, gas, utilities, medical expenses and other necessities that many of us are fortunate enough to have been blessed with. We have a supportive Board of Directors that understands the mission and needs of the families in our community. With 100% approval  from our board and the NYS Attorney General, our Angels of Light charity now has a new amendment added to our mission. In just 4 short weeks since our approval here are a few examples of what we have already done:

-Purchased a kitchen playset for a little girl at the children’s hospital that has been there since Nov of 2020 and will continue a few more months after her bone marrow transplant

-Paid expenses to get a car fixed for a single mom needing to go for treatment 3x per week 45 mins away with a child in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma and a son with a brain injury

-Paid a medical bill for a mom with stage 4 cancer with 2 children, one with special needs

-Purchased 65 books and crayons for all the children at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital

-Purchased a $1K food gift card to a family of 7 children, including 14 yr old boy triplets, whose mom passed away

-Paid for lodging for 1 days for a mom so she can be close to the her son in a children's hospital while he had brain surgery

-To date, we have purchased over 5,000 gifts to over 1,000 local children  

For those of you that have volunteered, sponsored a child or family, or have made a donation, YOU have made this possible! We can now share even more of our love to our community because of you. And for that, I thank you with all of my heart.

 I always remember what Mother Theresa had said about the children in the orphanages in Calcutta, India. "The children that survived the longest were the ones that were touched and held. The connection, the warmth, the caring you give to another is the best medicine you can give to another human being." 

I am grateful that you are a part of our Angels of Light family. You care.You make a difference. You are generous and humble.

Always remember that the greatest of all is Love….

With many blessings and peace,

Lori Cassia-Decker